On this trek you will enjoy the same highlights as our 2 Days Thai Mountain Life Eco Trek and Karen Hill Tribe Homestay. Our 3 days trek allows you to spend more time with nature, relaxing in its tranquility. You’ll stay one night at our Eco Lodge and one night at our homestay. Each day, you will trek different mountains offering an abundance of rich fauna and spectacular views. On the third day, you will immerse yourself in more lush jungle trekking through Obluang National Park. Our path will take you along the Maetia River passing many hidden waterfalls. There will be many opportunities to refresh and cool off by the riverbank as well as swim. For an authentic cultural experience your guide will show and teach you how to cook traditionally with bamboo and tree leaves. You’ll feel reenergized after your healthy jungle bbq and ready for our final trek to the parks headquarters for pick up.


Trip Highlights

Day 1

  • Trek to Amazing Thajeko Mountain
  • Be surrounded by spectacular panoramic views
  • Mountain rice terrace and hill tribe coffee plantation
  • Visit remote Karen hill tribe village and kindergarten school
  • Explore unseen nature and visit and swim at waterfalls
  • Stay overnight at Eco lodge

Day 2

  • Trek through tropical evergreen jungle to Kerjertae Mountain
  • Trek through old opium field (50-60 years ago)
  • Visit local mountain farm land
  • Lunch in cloud forest and panoramic mountain view
  • Trek through lush jungle and technical mountain down hill
  • Visit Hoikanoon village and Karen hill tribe homestay

Day 3

  • Trek through Obluang National Park
  • Enjoy Maetia river
  • Hidden waterfalls along the river
  • Jungle cooking style and lunch
  • Trek back to national park head qauter

Price included: pick up and drop off from your hotel (only around city), Drinking water, 7 meals, snack, accommodation, Tour guide and local assistance, accident insurance

Trail type: Mountain trail

Difficulty: Medium

Total Trekking distance: 35 km.

Duration: 4-5 hours per day trekking.


4,500 baht per person 2-3 peoples

3,600 baht per person 4-5 peoples