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Beware of booking through travel agencies. They will recommend for high commision and not quality tours. They may give you false information and send you on a different tour in a commercial trekking area.

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Thailand Eco Trek  Adventure Tour

Thai Eco Trek Adventure offers exclusive outdoor treks through lush green rural non -touristic areas of Northern Thailand. We strive to bring our customers closer to Northern Thailand’s wild life and indigenous hill tribes’ cultures.  We support sustainable tourism by employing local guides and assistants enabling them to remain at home and preserve their traditional rural village life. Join us for a true memorable experience and support the indigenous tribes of Northern Thailand

Ob Luang National Park

Ob Luang National Park is located south of Chiang Mai in Chom Thong district. The park is 553sq.km and borders the more famous national park Doi Inthanon. Ob Luang is home to some incredible scenic rivers, waterfalls, caves and stunning rocky mountains. This park is less known to tourists but offers great trekking experiences.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon nick-named ‘The roof of Thailand is popular for the striking blanket of clouds that are formed at its peak during the cool season.  Its elevation ranges between 800-2565 meters the highest point in Thailand. The park is 482sq.km and has climatic and ecological variations throughout. Flora includes evergreen, relict pine and deciduous forests. It is also home to a number of different bird species. Together with its many stunning waterfalls this park is a truly magical place to visit. Within the park you can also visit the King and Queen Flower Garden and Pagoda and the Royal Project.

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